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Guy McPherson’s Presentation On Climate Change At Bluegrass Bioneers

7 comments to Guy McPherson’s Presentation On Climate Change At Bluegrass Bioneers

  • Martin

    why is that guy laughing all the time?

  • The sound quality of this video isn’t the greatest. If it were, it wouldn’t have picked up the laughter. Seems like the guy was laughing at Guy’s sarcastic comments. Lots of dark humor here, but we all could have done without it.

  • Martin

    This looks like my end of the boomers may be the last generation to grow old. :(
    I lost the thread when I posted the above so I must try to pick up where I left off.
    keep well and thanks for the blog Carolyn


  • buz painter

    Mcpherson and Jensen have been at the fore front of ‘practical doom’ for some time now. They are two of my heroes.

  • Melancholia: Time Until Impact - Every Peasant for Themselves (http://everypeasant NULL.tnotw

    […] However, based on recent reports that the climate situation is much worse than we thought, that the 2 degree C estimate is too conservative and that even 1 degree C may be too hot, and that if we stay on our present path we may be locked into a 4 degree C rise in temperature by 2100, I have, quite arbitrarily, reduced the number to 4 years, also taking into account that even that estimate may be too optimistic. A few scientists are suggesting we have already triggered feedback mechanisms that will seal our fate. […]

  • Martin

    I think we are going to be in trouble long before 2100.
    The 2030s seem to be when it all will come to a head. This is why I think we will be the last to grow old (http://arctic-news NULL.blogspot NULL.html)

  • Global Warming? How about “Catastrophic Climate Destabilization?” | Collapsing Into Consciousness (http://www NULL.collapsingintoconsciousness

    […] Guy McPherson’s Presentation On Climate Change At Bluegrass Bioneers […]

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