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VIDEO: Join Me At The Age Of Limits Conference, 2013

4 comments to VIDEO: Join Me At The Age Of Limits Conference, 2013

  • Lee Rayburn

    Can you send me more information on how to attend the Age of Limits conference….I am a subscriber to your newsletter.



  • Mike Mintz

    Sounds like a great conference ! I registered today.

  • Martin

    While I would love to attend this conference, I believe that the days of this sort of conclave are over – or should be. Consider the amount of CO2 and particulate matter that will be spewed into the upper atmosphere from the jets the conferees will ride to attend the conference from such far-flung places as the west coast (where I live) and elsewhere.

    No, I will not attend this conference, or any other such one, two or several day event, that flies in the face of the stated purpose of the conference itself.

    Better to reform it as a Chautauqua-type event and move the speakers around the country in other-than-airborne transport

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