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How We Should Live In The Face Of Catastrophic Climate Change, A Conversation With Carolyn Baker And Andrew Harvey

Catastrophic Climate Change: A Conversation with Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker (http://vimeo NULL.com/92105850) from Margaret Emerson (http://vimeo NULL.com/contemplativehiking) on Vimeo (https://vimeo NULL.com).

10 comments to How We Should Live In The Face Of Catastrophic Climate Change, A Conversation With Carolyn Baker And Andrew Harvey

  • James R. Martin

    I wish Andrew Harvey would stick to those topics he’s talented and knowledgable about, such as Rumi and spirituality and such. And same with Carolyn. Neither of these people have a solid handle on climate science. (Not even close!) And the actual situation is far, far too dangerous and dire to encourage folks to throw up their hands an quit any efforts to redirect our culture from its present fossil fuel intensive economy.

    There is a lot of coordinated work that needs doing, and this NTE crap is just terribly irresponsible garbage.

    How about interviewing folks like Dr. James Hansen? He thinks McPherson is full of it. Why not let him tell you just why?

    Enough ignorant crap, folks!

    And please don’t tell me “Denial is not just a river in Egypt” or “You’re smoking Hopium”. My position is the same position as the overwhelming majority of climate scientists. I know it’s dire! But the overwhelming majority of climatologists believe it is possible to avert worst case scenarios like “NTE”. Why not talk with them?

  • As I stated in my article “What Does It Mean To ‘Do Something’ About Climate Change?” (on the front page of my site)

    “Doing something” implies that developing nations of the world and the fossil fuel industry will come together and: 1) Agree that climate change is actually happening; 2) Understand that the situation is so dire that humanity’s living arrangements must be radically altered; 3)Sacrifice their economic security and industrial profits to
    significantly reduce carbon emissions; 4) Agree to the reality of climate change and the altering of their living arrangements in time to prevent another 2 degree C rise in temperature. I dare say that the same people who believe this is going to happen would vehemently protest a belief in Santa Claus, but nevertheless, they cling to this

    • James R. Martin


      Fortunately for us, “doing something” about climate change does not necessarily mean getting the governments of the world to change in the dramatic ways you suggest. And I’m perhaps equally doubtful that governments will do so — at least not without there being a much, much more vast grassroots push from the world’s people.

      As you are aware, the governments of the world are generally in the thrall of moneypower, which global superorganism is structured around the “imperitive” of its own expansion and multiplication — or more pathological moneypower. And this dynamic cannot change without a massive, major revolt on the part of the word’s people — who are presently being heavily manipulated by disinformation, fraud and lies… from the moneypower system. Which system controls governments, etc., etc….

      So there is need for another route into transformation which sidesteps the constraints of the moneypower system which controls the world. Fortunately, a viable alternative route does exist, but only in its incipience.

      The incipient emergent liberatory process goes by many, many names. Its emergent unfolding does tend to be ignored by popular media. And the cynics of the world can’t imagine how powerful it might possibly become — if only they’d open to possiblity.

      In essesnce, the potential emergent dynamic, which would overthrow the current world (dis)order, is the awakening of our basic and natural human intelligence, which is also the reunion of heart and mind (and body, and “spirit…). But it will go by many names, and won’t be explained or contained by any singular theory or description. Which is fine, because it is open and expansive enough an awakening intelligence that it rather obviously doesn’t need to be controlled or contained, or to have a singular name.

      One of its facets goes by the name “micro-eutopianism” — which means commitment to healing transformation on the very small and local scales — which are much less in the control of the global megasystem and its moneypower. Micro (small) eu (good) topia (place) — small good places. They will appear everwhere, and are — as an emergent celebration of our emergence from the horrors of the megasystem and its moneypower. But it takes imagination, and heart, to serve this emergence. And there is little room in the awakening heart for cynicism — or even battle! We will not win by going to war or battle with the bad. We will win by celebrating and serving the good.

      I’m writing a book on microeutopian thought and practice. But it will take a while to complete it. So I’ll try to publish an essay on the topic real soon. And I’ll provide a link to you — and here in your comments section.

  • Jeannine

    Carolyn and Andrew,
    Thank you so very much for your passionate and informed video about NTE. I know this video is bound to bring up a lot of emotion and downright shock for those who only watch Fox news. Since science is always second hand information and not gnosis, the science can be endlessly debated while various needles in the haystack are searched for. My rational mind combined with heart and gut says scientists like Guy McPherson are unfortunately more likely to be accurate in their predictions. You both have clearly and passionately answered the question I have been asking myself: How then, shall I live? Thank you for all the good that you are doing in the world. Andrew, without giving away my own golden shadow :-), you are my hero and everything the sacred masculine is about. Carolyn, the way you speak your truth as a woman has been such an inspiration to me to stand up and not count the cost. God bless you!

  • Martin Cahill

    Thank you Carolyn, for a great interview. I became a great uncle last week am thrilled but also from what I know about NTE I feel sadness as she is like everyone else under 35-40: not likely to make old bones.

    James, where is the great breakthrough?!? Our so called leader have sat on their arses. They show no sign of heeding you. Yes I have read The Storms of My Grandchildren and it is unambiguous. Meanwhile we are starting to see those storms. where I live and elsewhere.

    In the absence of action for over 30 years, Carolyn and Andrew’s approach make sense.

  • James R. Martin

    Martin Cahill said:

    “James, where is the great breakthrough?!? Our so called leaders have sat on their arses. They show no sign of heeding you.”

    What “leaders” do you refer to? Are you talking about presidents, congressmen? Corporate executives? What?

    There are extremely few people in the official halls of power and influence who are truly leaders. Most of them serve Business As Usual, despite the readily obvious observation that BAU can only cause ruin.

    Nor should we look for charismatic leadership in a pyramid shaped “movement” or movement of movements to save the day. The days of hierarchical power arrangements are … short. Why play make believe about it?

    YOU need to be a leader. You and you and you and they and them…. Us. We need — all of us — to be leaders, and none of us followers. Does this sound like crazy talk? It will sound like crazy talk to those who have bought in to the notion that leaders wield authority and power over others.

    I don’t buy it. Those days are… short.

    Leaders are guides, helpers, actors, doers, teachers, students, servants…. Everyone else is a mere follower.

    Are YOU a leader?

  • Alan Ireland (http://www NULL.islamnz NULL.com)

    Back in the late 1960s, when I was living north of Tokyo, I surveyed the frenetic human activity, noted the exultation in constant economic growth, and thought, “This is not going to end well”. I didn’t know when the catastrophe would occur, or even what form it would take, but figured I would be safer, if only for a little longer, in New Zealand – where I have been living since 1972.

    The area where I formerly lived is now contaminated by cesium 137 from the Fukushima meltdowns.

  • Stephanie Hibdon

    Carolyn~ I am surprised to see my comments about your video have disappeared from your site. I did not think my comments were offensive, but seemingly they were to you. I still stand by my original opinion that Andrew brought little to the conversation & am disappointed you felt the need to delete this opinion.

  • Auntiegrav

    Let’s all just sit down and write books until the flying Easter Island Heads (airplanes) fall on top of us.

    “Our deeper, inner self.” Holy crap, Batman, I think we’re being invaded by Harry Potter’s wand makers.

    You don’t need to “find your soul” or “accommodate your inner self”: what you need to do is stop purchasing a life from the System of systems and start using your ACTUAL hands (not to type) to produce food and learn to butcher animals and make clothes. Why? Because with climate change, the only plants that will be stable in broad areas are the grasses, and the only significant numbers of humans will be those who can follow migrating herds (seasons will no longer allow agriculture as we know it), and planting and harvesting fruit and nut crops along the way, as our ancestors did during their unstable climate times.
    Welcome to the Stone Age (with iPads in bunkers). We’ll have plenty of technology, but won’t have the food to feed the people using it.
    In between now and then, there will be a myriad of transition phases to go through: growing food under plastic tunnels to try and stabilize production (until the plastic isn’t available or gets blown away by global storms), then there are the various dying off periods, where populations are wiped out by starvation, diseases and wars over resources. Eventually, we will be sparse enough to learn to leave each other alone and to follow the wisdom of the animals and plants.
    Something we should never have left behind while we built all this crazy fun we’re having with petroleum and atoms.

  • Auntiegrav

    Sorry for the sarcasm.
    Here’s a better link to cheer people up:
    http://www.peakoilblues.org/blog/2008/07/03/three-types-of-doomers-and-fantasy-collapse/ (http://www NULL.peakoilblues NULL.org/blog/2008/07/03/three-types-of-doomers-and-fantasy-collapse/)

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