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Join us for our online Symposium: Living Your Passion and Purpose in the Face of Humanity’s Greatest Challenge

XNotes: Fieldnotes from Extinction

The Skeleton Woman

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Future Primitive
The Doorway to Deep Connection

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The Numinous Podcast
On Love and Grief in the Age of Collapse

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KBOO's Religion for Life
Love in the Age of Ecological Apocalypse

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Conversations with Andrew Harvey

Carolyn and Andrew Harvey on How To Respond To Catastrophic Climate Change.

Carolyn and Andrew discuss collapse.

Living Resiliently

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April 2015

Extinction Radio:

March 2013

Gary Null Show: Learning to emotionally and spiritually navigate ourselves through the coming chaos and collapse of industrial civilization

March 2012

Shape Shifters: We Need Grief and Heart to Navigate Collapse

February 2012

Shape Shifters: Collapse Coaching Helps Us Ride the Shift

June 2011

Michael Stone / Are We Listening? Navigating the Coming Chaos

February 2011

Radio Eco Shock:

C-Realm Podcast: