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XNotes: Fieldnotes from Extinction

The Skeleton Woman

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Future Primitive
The Doorway to Deep Connection

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The Numinous Podcast
On Love and Grief in the Age of Collapse

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KBOO's Religion for Life
Love in the Age of Ecological Apocalypse

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Conversations with Andrew Harvey

Carolyn and Andrew Harvey on How To Respond To Catastrophic Climate Change.

Carolyn and Andrew discuss collapse.

Living Resiliently

Carolyn’s Latest Books

Practical Dreaming In The Hopeful Light Of Earthrise, By Craig Chalquist

Earth from space

Our time is one of apocalypse, an archetype found in the lore and myth of many times and peoples. As we face crises of ecology, economy, religion, politics, finance, education, agriculture, housing, water, air, and soil, as Earth overheats, species go extinct, and the air-giving oceans die on every side, we wonder how to make sense of it all, or indeed whether it’s even possible to. “It’s all a question of story,” wrote “geologian” Thomas Berry, priest and environmentalist, as things began to slide downhill. “We are in trouble just because we do not have a good story. We are between stories. The old story, the account of how we fit into it, is no longer effective. Yet we have not learned the new story.”

. . . → Read More: Practical Dreaming In The Hopeful Light Of Earthrise, By Craig Chalquist

Refuge, By Andy Brewin

Contemplation 3

Living without reflecting is like driving without looking. Refuge, on the other hand, encourages a collective dropping of the shoulders; breathing more slowly, counting our blessings, sifting carefully the good from the bad, doing things more thoughtfully, waking up and smelling the roses, or the coffee, depending on your preference. . . . → Read More: Refuge, By Andy Brewin

Looking For The Dream Of America, By Michael Meade

Statue of Liberty

The increasing unrest in the land and intensifying protests in the streets are a necessary lament for a collective dream that has been lost. Not simply the loss of the “American dream” of a consumer society and endless economic growth; but, the loss of the real dream, the dream behind the dream, the dream of an America that has not been yet. . . . → Read More: Looking For The Dream Of America, By Michael Meade