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An integrity model that has worked beautifully since 2008. As we feel the reverberations of collapse and catastrophic climate change in our lives, I continue to notice that they are nudging-or catapulting us-into a new paradigm. Old perceptions and methods aren't...

Announcing the NEW Lifeboat Hour Podcast

Today, March 28, 2016, I am launching the first episode of the New Lifeboat Hour podcast.

Carolyn Baker is a true revolutionary and fore-runner for the emerging zeitgeist of what I have come to call, the Perennialist Movement….a trust built on the foundations of indigenous wisdom and spiritual heritage. She is providing a safe place to have dangerous conversations about uncertain futures, and is our best hope for the societal schizophrenia that is truly the gravest danger to our humanity.

— John Glavis


Confronting Christofascism: Healing the Evangelical Wound

By Carolyn Baker

Will democracy in America prevail, or will it be usurped by a confluence of fascism and evangelical Christianity? In this book, the author traces the history of this unholy alliance and invites those recovering from the influence of fundamentalist religions, as well as the non-religious seeking to preserve the democratic experiment, to excise the toxic influences of religious authoritarianism from politics and personal life. Readers from all backgrounds will be enlightened and inspired by Baker’s clear and incisive snapshot of this defining moment in our history. Writing from her upbringing as a fundamentalist Christian and her years of practicing psychotherapy, she offers a deep dive into the psychology of fundamentalism as well as specific guidelines for healing the wounds of immersion in a subculture of religious domination. Confronting Cristofascism is a practical guide to assessing the influence of religious trauma in our personal and public histories and committing to recover from it in order to become more whole individuals and pro-active citizens. It is required reading for every awake American.

Contact Carolyn at to schedule an individual coaching session.

Carolyn Baker is someone who is unafraid to look at the possibility of human extinction and what we as a global community are facing. She also is willing to look at the spiritual and emotional possibilities that this climate and biosphere crisis presents us with. In this interview with Carolyn we discuss approaching collapse as a rite of passage and accepting and working with the grief inherent in these times.

In It For The Long Haul, Explorations on Emotional Resilience With Carolyn Baker

by Good Grief Network | LaUra & Aimee interview Carolyn Baker

Saving Animals From Ourselves

By Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker

This book is based on a belief we both fiercely share: That we are not separate from the Divine, not separate from other humans, and are inextricably interconnected with the Earth community, with a responsibility to protect and to live in humble and grateful harmony with the whole of creation.

Loving the Animal Body – 

Carolyn Baker and Mirabai Starr

Carolyn Baker

Placing Climate and Other Catastrophic Events Within a Larger Story – An Evening with Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker


Carolyn Baker

Have you ever wished that you could find a course of study that would holistically integrate the perennial wisdom of many spiritual traditions into one curriculum? The Guild for Spiritual Guidance has done just that. A Guild from medieval times to the present day is an organization with a unique purpose and outreach.  Traditionally, the goal was to learn a trade such as masonry or carpentry, to become skilled in this work and, eventually, to pass on the knowledge and proficiency learned to others interested in following a similar vocation. The apprentice was under the tutelage of a Master, who mentored the individual for as long as it took to become skilled. Finally, the apprentices became, over time, Masters for others. To become a member of a Guild with others of the same persuasion brought with it responsibility, respect, and privilege in the community. The tradition of spiritual guidance is, in the West, at least as old as the Desert Fathers who gave “a word” to those who came to seek them in the wilderness. We invite you to explore our curriculum and opportunities for lifelong community support.

Journey To The Promised Land: How A Homeless Stranger Took Me Home…

…a memoir by Carolyn Baker


We all want to live and love more fully, and yet the price of our desire is often steep. Journey to The Promised Land is not just a moving story about reconnection, forgiveness, radical ego-adjustment, and having one’s heart broken open. It is a story of what is possible when we are willing to engage in the inner work of healing the parts of ourselves that obstruct our loving aliveness if we allow the ego to be radically transformed as we remain willing to stay present with and surrender to what in front of us right now. At this extraordinary moment of despair on our planet–at a time when hearts and conversations have become so hardened and polarized, it is crucial that we never shut down and that we continually open ourselves to mystery and miracles.

In this memoir, Carolyn writes with naked honesty and unvarnished vulnerability about relationships with two individuals who could not have been more unlike, yet who served as agents of ego demolition and transformation.


In this riveting story, we bear witness to an authentic transfiguration of the heart. Carolyn Baker is a fierce warrior of love, showing up for the most challenging and meaningful work there is, and showing us the way home to what all of the spiritual traditions have been teaching us forever: In dying to our false self we are born into boundless interconnection.

Mirabai Starr, Taos, New Mexico

~Teacher of mystical and contemplative traditions and author of God of Love and Caravan of No Despair

It is rare to find a teacher who has learned to navigate the space between the prophetic cry of justice and the priestly whisper of mercy.  This vast in between territory requires the sojourner to practice the alchemy of surrender or what Carolyn names as kenosis.  It is only at this kairotic intersection that justice’s sharp sword and mercy’s comforting balm combines to form the golden elixir that our world so desperately needs.  Carolyn’s ongoing pilgrimage to the Promise Land is grounded in relationships of impasse that the less courageous among us would have avoided.  Thank you Carolyn for showing the way home.

~Rev. Terry Chapman, Pastor of Forked River Presbyterian Church, Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

“ With her engaging and piercing writing,  Carolyn has once again shown us that the particular is the route to the universal, and we all have a responsibility  to attend to our shadow work, for personal health, and indeed the survival of our species. “

~The Rev. Michelle A. Danson Episcopal Priest & Spiritual Director


Andrew Harvey interviews Carolyn About The Book

Carolyn Baker interviewed by Andrew Harvey

Ecopsychology Voices

Carolyn interviewed by Canadian Ecopsychology Network

Resilience and Regeneration

An Interview with Carolyn Baker


The Lifeboat Hour

In 2014 Carolyn acquired the Lifeboat Hour on Progressive Radio Network from the late Michael Ruppert. She is now podcasting on her own with guests and commentary which provide practical tools for navigating the turbulent waters of the global crisis.

Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and Deborah Beauvais are thrilled to Announce Carolyn Baker Host of The New Lifeboat Hour will join the Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age platform starting August 5th 8am & 8pmET.

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I used to think the top environmental problems facing the world were global warming, environmental degradation and eco-system collapse, and that we scientists could fix those problems with enough science. But I was wrong. The real problem is not those three items, but greed, selfishness and apathy. And for that we need a spiritual and cultural transformation. And we scientists don’t know how to do that.

— Gus Speth

Conversations with Andrew Harvey

Carolyn Baker has risen phoenix-like from the smoking ashes of many previous selves and psychic deaths, and knows from her own experience how the deepest crises birth the most astounding and transformative possibilities.

— Andrew Harvey

News and Articles

Do Americans Understand They’re Beginning to Live in a (Genuinely) Fascist Society? By Umair Haque

Do Americans Understand They’re Beginning to Live in a (Genuinely) Fascist Society? By Umair Haque

There’s a simple fact that I don’t think Americans are reckoning with. That Americans are maybe even capable of reckoning with. It’s this. They’re living in what’s becoming a fascist society. And that fact raises the simple question: how do you live in a fascist society?

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Intuitive Action: Don’t Check, Just Do It, By Colin Beavan

Intuitive Action: Don’t Check, Just Do It, By Colin Beavan

What would happen if we did not try to push our deep concerns about the war and the economy and the environment away from us? What if we didn’t cling to thoughts and feelings that distract us from the world situation? What if, instead, we trusted those feelings and examined them without opinions of good or bad—with a not-knowing mind—and tried to see what they were telling us? What if we simply tried to understand our life-functions in relation to these feelings?

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The Age of Radical Evil, By Chris Hedges

The Age of Radical Evil, By Chris Hedges

Defying evil cannot be rationally defended. It makes a leap into the moral, which is beyond rational thought. It refuses to place a monetary value on human life or the natural world. It refuses to see anyone as superfluous. It acknowledges human life, indeed all life, as sacred. And this is why, as Arendt points out, the only morally reliable people are not those who say “this is wrong” or “this should not be done,” but those who say “I can’t do this.”

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Climate Change from the Inside Out: Shock. Grief. Respond. Relief. Repeat, By Vicki Robin

Climate Change from the Inside Out: Shock. Grief. Respond. Relief. Repeat, By Vicki Robin

We’ve long had symptoms. We now have a name for the disease: climate disruptions. But what is the prognosis. The shock for me is that we’ve gone from a treatable condition to a fatal prognosis. That’s what has me reeling. I’m ping-ponging around the well-known stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance without resolution. Used to being a leader, or at least a scout who is at least riding shotgun on the stage coach, I felt blind. And if blind, then unable to fulfill my self-assigned duties. People have looked to me. If I just shrug an I dunno, I’m useless – at least in my estimation

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Why Impeachment Matters, By Umair Haque

Why Impeachment Matters, By Umair Haque

The reason impeachment matters — and I think every one of us should remember this in the days and weeks to come — isn’t so that political points are scored. It isn’t so that the “will of the people” is done. That’s got nothing do with it at all. Impeachment matters so that the rule of law matters again. It’s so that we say as a society there are red lines, which nobody should step beyond. It’s so that the phrase “abuse of power” means something again. It’s so that democratic norms and values of equality, justice, and freedom carry hard and real authority again. Impeachment matters so that power begins to flow in the opposite direction again — back from autocracy, and towards a democracy capable of healing its badly broken social contract, institutions, norms, and values.

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Authoritarianism And The Lost Nobility Of Soul, By Carolyn Baker, Part 2 In The Series: “Reclaiming Inner Authority In An Authoritarian Age”

Authoritarianism And The Lost Nobility Of Soul, By Carolyn Baker, Part 2 In The Series: “Reclaiming Inner Authority In An Authoritarian Age”

Our nobility of soul often erodes as we under-value or ignore our own self-care. A toxic culture does not value physical, emotional, or spiritual health because it is a culture of death. In that milieu, our “health” either becomes equated with status, youthfulness, sexual attraction, and control, or it becomes yet another avenue for cultivating and feeding narcissism. However, as we increasingly value life and our deepest humanity—our nobility of soul, we find ourselves taking better care of ourselves through diet, exercise, adequate sleep and rest, and space for reflection, solitude, and spiritual practice. Not only is self-care “good for us,” it flies in the face of a culture of death.

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Reclaiming Inner Authority In An Authoritarian Age: An Essay Series By Carolyn Baker: Walking And Chewing Gum Simultaneously

Reclaiming Inner Authority In An Authoritarian Age: An Essay Series By Carolyn Baker: Walking And Chewing Gum Simultaneously

While the milieu of industrial civilization with its worship of technology, has always sent us engraved invitations to regard external forces as the final authority and minimize or disparage our inner authority, I believe that not since the 1930s in Europe have we seen such blatant burgeoning of capitulation to external authority as we are currently witnessing.

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About Carolyn

Carolyn Baker’s mission is to create islands of sanity in a sea of global chaos. This mission necessitates the development of a variety of emotional tools alongside commitment to spiritual transformation. Through her multi-faceted outreach via webinars, podcasts, live workshops, books, and articles, as well as one-on-one life coaching, Carolyn is touching the lives of thousands to assist them in preparing for the dire consequences of the collapse of industrial civilization and abrupt climate change. One of her principal goals at this time is to expand her teaching outreach online by presenting more webinars and online workshops as well as workshops for live audiences.

Inherited from Mike Ruppert, the New Lifeboat Hour, now in Carolyn’s capable hands, is reaching thousands of people each week around the world as Carolyn engages in conversation with a variety of captivating guests who offer suggestions for creating and operating Lifeboats for navigating our turbulent times.

Hundreds of people have worked with Carolyn in the past five years to receive guidance around living and loving in the midst of global collapse. Carolyn also offers spiritual counseling to provide meaning and purpose in a time of personal and collective suffering. Carolyn is available to individuals who want a companion on their spiritual journey and seek guidance in finding meaning and purpose in turbulent times.

Carolyn believes that one of the key tools we need for navigating the global crisis is solid information. For nearly a decade, Carolyn has published a comprehensive Daily News Digest, seven days per week unless she is traveling. This amazing, subscription-based newsletter contains key stories on economics, the environment, geopolitics, civil liberties, civil unrest, and cultural trends—and contains a unique Inspiration section which reports ways in which people around the world are responding to our planetary predicament.


This website was made possible as a result of a small legacy from the late Richard (Nick) Fyffe who wholeheartedly supported my work and who devoted his last years to justice-making for the LGBT community. In 2011 Nick founded New Wings, an organization dedicated to supporting LGBT individuals who had been influenced by various fundamentalisms and were struggling to integrate spirituality and sexual orientation.